Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tacos La Flores.

So Rabbit was recently commissioned to paint some flowers on a young woman's new taco truck business. Rabbit then asked if I would be on board to help to which I, of course, immediately said yes. It has been awhile since her and I have painted a wall together and this was even better! Our love for painting, taco trucks, and for each other brought us together once again. She got started on a Friday and we finished it out the following Saturday. It's always nice when someone trusts you with helping them grow their business, especially from an artist's standpoint. To trust that you will give them something they like that will help them reach a new level of success in their starting business, something so personal and so dear to so many, is a huge honor and I am always happy to do so.

Be it a musician, a new home owner, or a fresh entrepreneur, I love giving someone custom work that no one else can give them and for them to bless me (us) in return is something I love about my life and about my line of work.

To see more photos and read more in-depth on the project, click the Behance link up top.

Stay Creative,

Tacos La Flores is now open and located on N. Flores and the access road of I-35 in San Antonio, TX.
Tell them we sent you!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Products In The Works.

It's been a long minute since I posted, but it's been busy and productive in a very good way! There are some new things in the works including DSP#3 as well as a brand new sticker. I have been shooting a lot more photos the passed few months as I prep the new book, so hence the lack of updates and new pieces here. I have also been working on some hand-drawn slappies though, so I will have some new stuff on me soon for those I run into whilst skating about the cities I live and travel and paint in. For freesies. Lastly, Rabbit and I have started our piece at the Once Upon A Story wall here in town. If you know where it's at, we will be getting up this weekend to finish; last weekend's freekish midday weather change prevented us from finishing. Come out and kix it!

Thanks for your continued support, hope you guys are ready for new books, prints, and stickers soon!

Stay Creative,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Late Night Creations.


So it's been a little while since the last post. Since then though, I been rebuilding the empire brick by brick, hand by hand. This year is gonna be another banger and I'm starting it off by getting #DSP3 in by the Spring. I started a new 95 to fund things my way and I'm working on some other new ventures as well. For DSP3, I've already scanned in some new works as well as some from last year that were being saved just for this book and have yet to be seen. This piece here is an older piece that didn't quite make the cut. So if you dig this, recognize that this technically a reject for DSP3 meaning that this next book is gonna be HOT.

Also, peep the new Contact piece on the right side bar for any questions or custom work you need. Holler.

Stay Creative,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Delayed. Sleep. Phaze. Number 2 Recap

Well, it's been sold out for a good minute and #DSP3 is loooong overdue by my own standards. A LOT has happened over the passed many months and with a lot of changes have come a lot of great things. Delayed. Sleep. Phaze. Number 3 is currently in it's design and selection phase--I have some new and older works that haven't been shown and the overall look of this one will be much different and much BETTER.

Having said all that though, here are the images from DSP2 to hold you over until the next release in March! Thank you to all who purchased or won a copy because remember, ONLY 50 were made! I hope you got yours!!!


From Russia.

Dysfunction Parallels.

(© 2011 Rabbit Rye)

Sol Down.

Cali Bound.

I Got Just What You Need.

Rumble With Myself.

Break Free.

Fuck Off.

Early Bird.

Hell's Cobras.

Find My Balance.

Skull Humans.

Cunning Cuttlefish 01.

Cunning Cuttlefish 02.

Finger Scars.


That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for Delayed. Sleep. Phaze. Number 3 currently in progress!

Stay Creative,

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hip Hop 101

Back at it again my friends. Tonight on this cold, muggy evening we are bringing the mutha fuckin ruckus with a special Wu Tang Clan Tribute Edition of Hip Hop 101. Lime Light will be poppin' with all Wu music, fellow artists slingin' paint, and even a special Enter The Chamber freestyle session. A night of hip hop for all my fellow Wu heads. See you all there.

Protect Ya Neck,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Late Night Creations.

Rawkause, Razorblade Treats Volume 3
The latest cover for Rawkause's Razorblade Treats series. This is the third installment. I shot this on my way to the library today. There was this AWESOME house on the corner that was FULL of Halloween. Corner houses are dope in the sense that when decorating, you can include the front of your house, the side, and even the backyard if you are opting out of the privacy fence. This house is stacked with a bunch of Halloween. No sense of direction or cohesion other than let's cram as much Halloween flavor in our yard as we can.

Fucking awesome.

Take a listen over at the website and see what happens when three of San Antonio's finest come together for some Halloween treats for your eardrums. Bangin'.

Stay Creative,

Late Night Creations.

Beauty Lurking.
My latest fine art creation featuring the vampires Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland. I created this piece for last month's ArtSlam!: Big In Japan show. Watch out for them bats! :D

Click the Behance tab above to read more on the process and for some progress shots!!!

Stay Creative,