Thursday, July 17, 2014

So Long and Safe Travels My Friends.

Today is one of those days you see in movies. You watch the story of a blissful couple on-screen for about an hour, becoming engrossed in their lives until you reach a point where you feel as if you know them personally. You see all the good times: the laughs, the smiles, the morning moments in bed under the sheets, softly holding one another. You get so wrapped up in their story that you get to know these characters. Relate to them. Feel them on their journey.

You take their side when the world is against them. Cheer for them, anxiously awaiting their rise from it all. Then the second act hits the climax and the story shifts. The couple begins to fall on hardship and eventually separate. You see it unfolding before your very eyes but you can't believe it's happening. You don't want to. You went for the ride because it all looked so beautiful. You didn't see this turn coming.

And it hurts.

It all seems like a dream sequence because none of it makes any sense and you're too caught up in the increased pace of the story to react. The story is reaching the end and it hits you...this is happening. You see the characters packing it all up. One character leaving to the airport. The other too hurt to follow. To hurt to see them go. You feel the pain, you wait for that last glimmer to completely overexpose everything in frame and shine so beautifully that the histogram completely shatters...

But it doesn't happen. The character boards their flight, the other stays behind, and a new journey for both begins. The credits roll, Wholesale Piracy plays through the 7.1, your heart aches, and you sit there in disbelief. 

Today that movie comes to life for a lot of us. Whether you know them or not, these characters are beginning anew. As we watch and wait for the sequel. For many of us, this means finding a new outlet. ArtSlam! is [was?] the biggest live art show in San Antonio and bigger than many other shows in other cities. I've watched it grow from a handful of artists in smaller venues to the comiccon-esque show that it is today. For many of us, painting at ArtSlam! meant you made it. At least as far as this city goes. It was a true launching point to even greater opportunities. Many artists strive to be a part of it. To share in it's creative spark. To paint alongside not only local greats like Saint Jahn or Craig Patterson, but also international heroes like Dave Crosland and Jim Mahfood.

We collected ArtSlam! shirts, ate tons of delicious cupcakes, and partied with some of San Antonio's best musicians as well for over eight solid-as-fuck years. Many of us moved on to other projects and shows, many of us returned to every single show. Either way, ArtSlam! was an amazing thing to be a part of--as a patron or as an artist/musician. It's easy to get caught up in the sadness that is unfolding. And it takes strength to push through and turn the page to the next chapter. But the next pages may be even better then this entire book so far.

Rob, a few years ago I met you at what was easily the best gallery here in town, Gallery 11. There I learned a bit more about this mysterious ArtSlam! I saw so many dope flyers for. I eventually made it out to see it first hand, taking part in the next event soon after. I fell in love with live painting even more and at what was maybe my second ArtSlam!, I really felt I connected with my now love Rabbit Rye.

ArtSlam!: Toys of Christmas Past was the night Rabbit and I hung out and played. Laughed. Joked. That is the night she got her name Rabbit. That was the night I met my best friend. That was the night I painted My Pet Monster next to your awesome punk rock Ruxpin (and felt super honored and privileged to be in that spot). That was the night I met Cris Licea. That night was and is so dear and special to me. As I hold back the tears from my co-workers to type this and avoid my work for the morning, I have only good thoughts. As sad as this may be, again, we push through to see the light in it all.

Liz, I know all that Rob has done with ArtSlam! was so much easier to manage with you at his side. I'm sure you were a much bigger part of it all other than the awesome themed-cupcakes you used to fill our bellies with. Having been in a solid relationship for two years, I know how much it means to have someone so close to you constantly have your back and help you build your dreams. It just makes it so much easier. I have so many good memories seeing you at ArtSlam! whether through selling treats or tees. You two invited us into your home numerous times and I am so grateful for it all. For so long I saw you two work and share together; it's what many of us held to be the ideal relationship. You always have a smile on your face Liz, and that means a lot.


Life happens. Every single day. We all have our ups, downs, and all arounds. Although we may see this departure as just that, let's take a moment to see it as a venture forward. For both of them. Let us rejoice in all the creations we've shared, all the laughs and cupcakes and music notes and beers and cheers and sales and giveaways and success and falls and rises and all the wonderful things we all learned and loved from Rob and Liz. Let us always rejoice in ArtSlam!. The experience that gave birth to so many things including our cherished Art Vibes, whose many artists went on to do ArtSlam! numerous times and kick so much ass at it!

Liz, may you continue to live up to the name "Sweet Lizzy" and stay as sweet as the treats you make.

Rob, may you one day drop the Deadbeat and just be "The Hero".

I love you both so much and wish only great and wondrous things for you as you push forward. You know I am here for you two and will continue to spread the love you two inspired within me. Thank you both for EVERYTHING, even all that you cannot see. I only wish Liz were there for the last hurrah....

...but, perhaps, she was there, somewhere, in this photo.

I am sure she is.

Long Live ARTSLAM!

Stay Grindin',

Saturday, May 24, 2014

River City Rockfest 2014.

A late post but I got a spot going at River City Rockfest in the AT&T Center. It's a great day out and there are tons of awesome people here. Other artists and vendors are set up too so if you got tickets already, come out to the show! Five Finger Death Punch, Hellyeah, fucking DEFTONES are here yo. Bangin'. You can't go wrong other than missing out. Fellas grab your cutoff sleeves tee, ladies grab your cowboy boots and come enjoi the dope atmosphere.

Stay Creative,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ever Expanding.

Here's my [animated] finished piece from the Clogged Caps Spillover at TPY Urban last month. I had a blast painting alongside some great artists. The humidity was dense, but we still had a great time and crushed it, swept away the dust, and built something awesome in it's place. To read more of the process, check it on in my portfolio section.


Stay Creative,

Friday, April 25, 2014

Sneaks Up 8.

We back at it again. This time we are congregating at Cowboy's Dancehall for all the fun and good times. The space here is HUGE and once again, collectors and brands from all over will be coming together for the love of kicks and hip hop culture. This event will be FREE and open to the public so clean up your best pair and get ready for a great time.

I myself have some new things in the works for this one. I've been cultivating my photography craft for quite sometime and now I will be showcasing some new works as well as having some fun and unique prints available for purchase. It's gonna be a great Sunday full of fun, great people, and awesome SHOES!

See you all there!

Stay Creative,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tacos La Flores.

So Rabbit was recently commissioned to paint some flowers on a young woman's new taco truck business. Rabbit then asked if I would be on board to help to which I, of course, immediately said yes. It has been awhile since her and I have painted a wall together and this was even better! Our love for painting, taco trucks, and for each other brought us together once again. She got started on a Friday and we finished it out the following Saturday. It's always nice when someone trusts you with helping them grow their business, especially from an artist's standpoint. To trust that you will give them something they like that will help them reach a new level of success in their starting business, something so personal and so dear to so many, is a huge honor and I am always happy to do so.

Be it a musician, a new home owner, or a fresh entrepreneur, I love giving someone custom work that no one else can give them and for them to bless me (us) in return is something I love about my life and about my line of work.

To see more photos and read more in-depth on the project, click the Behance link up top.

Stay Creative,

Tacos La Flores is now open and located on N. Flores and the access road of I-35 in San Antonio, TX.
Tell them we sent you!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Products In The Works.

It's been a long minute since I posted, but it's been busy and productive in a very good way! There are some new things in the works including DSP#3 as well as a brand new sticker. I have been shooting a lot more photos the passed few months as I prep the new book, so hence the lack of updates and new pieces here. I have also been working on some hand-drawn slappies though, so I will have some new stuff on me soon for those I run into whilst skating about the cities I live and travel and paint in. For freesies. Lastly, Rabbit and I have started our piece at the Once Upon A Story wall here in town. If you know where it's at, we will be getting up this weekend to finish; last weekend's freekish midday weather change prevented us from finishing. Come out and kix it!

Thanks for your continued support, hope you guys are ready for new books, prints, and stickers soon!

Stay Creative,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Late Night Creations.


So it's been a little while since the last post. Since then though, I been rebuilding the empire brick by brick, hand by hand. This year is gonna be another banger and I'm starting it off by getting #DSP3 in by the Spring. I started a new 95 to fund things my way and I'm working on some other new ventures as well. For DSP3, I've already scanned in some new works as well as some from last year that were being saved just for this book and have yet to be seen. This piece here is an older piece that didn't quite make the cut. So if you dig this, recognize that this technically a reject for DSP3 meaning that this next book is gonna be HOT.

Also, peep the new Contact piece on the right side bar for any questions or custom work you need. Holler.

Stay Creative,