Monday, April 18, 2016

New Stockist.

Monkey See, Monkey Do!. Austin, TX.
Damn near impossible shooting anything down here without a car in the way. Austin, TX

As of Friday, you can now find my stickers and my latest mini art book "Do Something You Love Today!" on South Congress in Austin, TX at a great toy shop called Monkey See, Monkey Do!. This places has been in business for 11 years and is home to a TON of cool vintage and modern toys from old He-Man and TMNT action figures, to newer Kid Robot toys, and so many little trinket toys in between. Located in the SoCo district of Austin, Monkey See, Monkey Do! is gracious enough to have my products in their store along with so many others. Their book section is legit, too. And about a block south of Home Slice, how the hell can you go wrong? Grab some pizza and walk on over to get some toys, stickers, books, buttons, and so much other cool shit you'll flip your top quicker than a spring breaker with beaded-necklace envy.

Located at 1712 S. Congress, Austin, TX 78704.

Leave your shirt on and say whuddup to Steven and Larissa and be sure to tell them I sent you.

Stay Creative,

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Stickers!

Sticker game strong! BLUE731 originals.

I got some new sticker thangs in the webstore, be sure to get you some and slap 'em up everywhere! Hit the SHOP ART link at top or click HERE. Thanks for always supporting a brutha. Let it be known your support is appreciated be it word-of-mouth, a virtual high five, or a purchase. Also note, every purchase helps grease this machine that is BLUE731. Not that I buy lube with the $ or anything. Just that it helps pay for internet, Wacom tools, Adobe CC, and donuts. You gotta have donuts.

And yes, ok. sometimes lube.

*insert crying-laughter emoji here*

Stay Creative,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Home!

Gonna make this short, by all means read more details over on Awake & Moving, but I've recently relocated to Austin, TX! I will still be serving the Greater San Antonio Area as needed, especially because I work with a lot of you online already. Expect no delays in work, things are still operating as smooth as ever only now with more resources. I am excited for this new venture and I look forward to continuing to build with you all and provide you with great artwork you've all come to enjoy from myself and my projects. See you all at Sneaks Up X in San Antonio April 24, 2016!

Stay Creative,