Monday, February 20, 2017

New Instagram!

Mutable Forces.

I started a new Instagram account to separate my personal IG with my artwork. My intention is to have a more concise IG for art to act as an online portfolio for social media, if that makes sense. Hopefully, this will allow others to find my work/services a little easier. The new account is @mutableforces and will host all my art and behind the scenes stuff from now on. Awake & Moving is still kicking and that account will still host some of the same along with stories about others as usual.

So to summarize, just follow @awakeandmoving & @mutableforces to stay in line with everything I do.


Stay Creative,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Stockist: High Five Shop.

High Five Shop. San Antonio, TX
Mad stickers available at High-Five Shop!

The High Five Shop in San Antonio is a true gem of the city. The shop owner Joseph has been steadily curating some fun products from artists throughout all of Texas and still expanding beyond this great state. The shop hosts a wide range of events from Smash Bros. tournaments, pizza parties, and was also host to my first pop-up for Awake & Moving. This spot is becoming a hotbed for artists and art collectors. Joseph just re-upped with plenty of my new stickers for you all so please be sure to stop in and tell him I sent you!

While you're there, be sure to pick up other products from some great artists like APHRO's new book, Lolita, and Yogurt Lump's new pins . There is so much cool shit in the shop you that are sure to find something you love, something for your bestie or boo, and something your parents might like as well. Super diverse and fun!

Stop in and pick up some gifts and then return for one of the many cool events they produce:

High Five Shop
806 E. Misletoe
San Antonio, TX 78212

Stay Creative,

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Stock: Online Shop Update.

Fresh & Fly Fishing. Austin, TX.
"Fresh & Fly Fishing."

I got some new products in the online shop including my latest gig poster! I am super happy how well these turned out. A lot of hardwork can produce some amazing results. Check out the store and pick up some new goodies!

Stay Creative,

American Classic.
"Praise Fries."